Hello World, I’m Levy and I’m FAMILY!


Baby season started early this year. Last Fall, two potbellied pigs were found dumped on an Ontario highway, and were mercifully taken in by kind folk on a nearby horse farm. Thanks to informal rescue relationships across local farms, they were transferred to FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary.

When animals come into rescue, they are evaluated physically and emotionally by their handlers for the right mix of shelter, nutrition, socialization, engagement and enrichment needs. Histories are critical – they divulge the specific types of support each individual requires.

Mya is a young, all-black female potbelly, and Frankie is an older (possibly Vietnamese cross) male potbellied pig. Because Mya was so small, she would be kept in the house. Frankie, gregarious fellow that he is, went straight into the barn, made friends and blended in like magic — while his caregivers booked his neuter, pronto!

Pregnancy is always suspected – and was becoming more obvious as Mya started growing larger. In early December as Mya was laying in her caregiver’s lap, her caregiver, Andrea, felt something move. It was confirmed. 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days later …enter Olaf and Levi!

Two young boys were born to Mya late in January. Both are jet black, and sport small markings that make them distinct. Olaf has a tiny white patch on his forehead, and a heart shaped patch on his snout. Levi also has a patch on his snout, but it’s smaller. They inherited their white spots and feet from Dad. In the rescue community, animal advocates across Ontario and beyond have watched the little ones feed, grow and play in their first weeks. His caregivers post regular updates on Facebook that brighten even the harshest of rescue days.

In honor of family day, Levi and Olaf’s caregiver posted this: With as stern a look as possible Levi wants to remind everyone that “even though I am terribly cute now I want you to do your research before choosing any pet. Pets are a lifetime commitment. Will you still love and care for me when I grow big, or, when you add that baby, dog, cat or goat? Will you keep me when you have to move? If so, then consider adopting a pet who really needs a home, over shopping. We are not up for adoption. We are already loved and staying to live right where we are with our Mom and Dad and each other. Thanks for reading, love, Levi and Olaf.”

Mya, Frankie, Levi and Olaf are family. Their caregivers recognize this and afford them the luxury of a stable home life, having their needs met — and it’s a forever reality. Not so for most pigs: people need to be aware of what they’re getting into when they consider buying or adopting pigs. “Mini” and “micro pigs” don’t exist. Breeders need to be more honest with potential adoptors about what they are signing up for. Pigs are not easy pets. And, unless you are living in an area that is zoned agricultural, you’re not legal to have pigs. People getting into breeding pigs just don’t realize that we don’t have enough homes for them when they are inevitably dumped.

Join us in following the happy ever after story of Mya, Frankie, Olaf and Levi: https://www.facebook.com/froghollowrescuefarm

If you’d like to do something to help abandoned pigs, Dougy Pig is currently in need of community support: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/9wKYa/pay