C4P ANIMAL RESCUE is an advocacy network connecting animal-loving citizens all across Canada.  The C4P Network promotes rescues, fosters and adoptions, keeps readers current on animal issues, and showcases innovations and successes in animal welfare.  Educating and empowering animal lovers straight across the nation, our mission is to introduce new models and best practices for animal rescue and advocacy.

Our C4P Sunday morning newsletter is recognized as a trusted information source providing Canadian citizens with updates on advocacy efforts for Canada’s too often neglected, abandoned and abused domestic pets and livestock. Leading a national membership through regular first-in-class communication, our vision is to provide relevant, meaningful and qualitative resources and support for Canadian animals and their guardians.

You’ve heard it takes a community to raise a child? Well, it takes an army to save each animal. The C4P network is that army. We try to show that every single person can positively affect the lives of sad, lonely, ill, suffering, neglected, abandoned and abused animals, however large or small their efforts. Together, we make a stunning difference.

Our C4P ANIMALRESCUE NEWSLETTER is published every Sunday morning with comprehensive information on:  Breaking News ~ Animals in Need ~ Rescuers in Need ~ Best Practices ~ Action Alerts & Advocacy Alerts ~ Community Events ~ Updates on Rescues – RescueDiaries Videos.