Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:

Tania Costa of Canine Wellness in Toronto called to advise this week of the passing of animal advocate & rescuer Eileen Mabee of Tottenham, Ontario. Eileen was an everyday hero with animals. We never had the pleasure of working with her, but many in our community have. For those who wish, donations to the “Smling Blue Skies Cancer Fund” would be appreciated by the family. 519.824.4120 X 54431

Hart Rescue also lost one of their beloved volunteers, Dorothy. Hart stated on their website: HART would not be here today if it weren’t for Dot and her tireless commitment to this organization.  She was a phenomenal woman and she will be greatly missed.
Our condolences go out to their families and we all thank both she and Eileen for their devotion to the animals.


Wildlife & dogs: “Parks Canada “strongly” recommends that people not bring their dogs hiking with them because it’s not known how wildlife will react to the pets.”:



There is a cat on the loose in C4P’s neighbourhood, who is going to require shelter this winter (and eventual habituation and trapping). Can anyone remember where to get outdoor cat shelters? If so, drop a line to C4P… thanks.

Also…. C4P will not be publishing throughout December and early in the new year. Because … I’ll be at Farm Sanctuary in Acton California, doing a month-long internship with the livestock!  This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot not go. Does anyone know if travel points are transferrable any more? If so, if anyone in this network is one of those people who has too many travel points and doesn’t know what to do with them, I could sure use a leg up on the airfare… Also, I’m looking to beg/borrow a broadcast-quality digital video camera with small portable light set up. I want to attempt two documentaries while I’m there  – two short docs on farm animals: a broad, general one for the uninitiated audiences, and one geared towards you folk, the already converted. It’s going to be really fun! So, if anyone out there can help, please speed dial me as I’m in planning mode…905.726.2011 Mitch Nadon

TODAY! Tails in Town BBQ fundraiser – Dunk a councillor, save a life!  The annual Tails in Town BBQ fundraiser all proceeds raised pay for the high veterinary costs for The Dog Rescuers Inc.  Sunday September 30, 2012 from 11am-3pm rain or shine held at Palermo Leash Free Park on Dundas Street West just East of Bronte Road. All proceeds help save dogs in need. For more info visit www.thedogrescuersinc.ca or call 416-567-6249
Join Marineland Animal Defence on Oct 7th for a 12:00 noon demonstration.  Make this closing day demonstration a priority.

Poisonous Treats Strike Again: Could you please have a segment in your newsletter about the Jerky treats.. My Rescue Cloe just passed away on September 14 after what we suspect is from eating the vitalife duck tenders. It will be aired on CBC’s watchdog this Friday, You could provide link because it will go online after.   I also will provide you with the FDA and AVMA warnings. Thank you!! Cora vandeKar (Ed Note: Cora, so very sorry for your loss):


We all spend considerable time each week helping lost or adoptable get home(s).  Across the country more pets are getting back home in communities where shelters and the public share a common lost/found registry called HelpingLostPets.com.  This website saves shelter administrative costs when the public is advised to list their missing pets themselves on HelpingLostPets.com. When their pet is back home, they can remove the listing.  Shelters list strays they picked up so the public can view pictures online of the pets in the shelters 24/7. As more and more shelters list, and the public posts lost and found pets themselves, searching for a lost pet becomes much easier within a common system. Many people have 3 or more shelters near them where their pet could be, and most are not aware of this.  As we know in the rescue world, time is of the essence once a pet enters a shelter system, if the owner wants the pet back home.   Please sign up for free and share this website.  Email, text and twitter alerts are sent to members if pets are lost/found in their area.  You can help get a neighbour’s pet home sooner.  Like us on facebook at Helping Lost Pets and get involved.

C4P SPECIAL NEEDS PETSITTING: this service is designed for geriatrics and animals with special and/or medical needs. Please contact us if you are an animal caregiver who needs peace of mind leaving a fragile, handicapped or otherwise compromised pet for a few days. We’re comfortable with geriatrics, palliatives, blind, deaf, special diets, medical needs. Fully enclosed back yard, ground floor access and lots of love and attention to share!  Mitch Nadon C4P Animal Rescue 905.726.2011. Aurora, Ontario. 

Anderson ensorses Tuxedo Stan for Mayor of Halifax, because “neglect isn’t working”:

White Squirrel from Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, safe at TWC and on the mend:

Thank you so much for putting Montana in the newsletter last weekend. I’m very excited and over the moon to let you know that Montana was finally adopted this past week! The poor boy sat there waiting since May … I was starting to work on my hubby to let me bring him home so we could foster him! But, it seems his new “guy” is super nice and is happy with his decision, so I’m hoping that it all works out and Montana stays there. Karen V.  Ed Note: we also heard this week that Jack adopted out too!
Keeper – the montreal area dog whose owner was going into assisted living managed to get a great new home.
Little Mary found her forever home yesterday. Cried my eyes out last night, but she has a good, solid, forever home with a her new mom and dad, Sarah & Dustin. No declawing, indoors, proper care, lifetime commitment. AMEN.  My sincere thanks to the entire rescue team, Terry Hutchinson, the folk at Hamilton Animal Control, and the gals at Toronto Cat Rescue. It really does take an army to save each one.  Little darling Mary. I know she’ll miss us, but not for long, and in joining on her new family, she makes room for the next one in need.
Yesterday (Sat’dy) was Toronto’s Walk for Farm Animals – they looked great out on the street carrying full colour printed posters of so many rescued livestock – beautiful to see them walking Queen West on a gorgeous day, with tons of people out, advocating compassion and education. Just beautiful.
For each and every one of the rescuers, goddamn our jobs are hard.