Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:

Exciting news back at the C4P ranch this week (for media nerds like me)….An MI colleague (and technogenius), Mikhial Gurarie, came to help me start the next, aggregate phase of C4P ANIMAL RESCUE. While not complete nor ready to launch yet, I will be migrating the C4P Newsletter to a wordpress blog, complete with ability to archive, promote, advertise, categorize info, etc., not to mention automatically extend the reach of the “newsletter come blog” through a good dozen social sharing sites at once. What does that mean? The backend “search engine optimization” work we are doing and the linking we’re doing to all these feeds  are going to ensure that C4P begins reaching a far greater audience than we currently have. Not that we don’t already love every single one of our 3,000 readers to death, cause we do!  But if we can bring our numbers up to say 30,000, or maybe even 300,000 (you can’t go through life without goals), we’re going to really add traction to animal issues, fosters, rescues and adoptions, and also, start connecting many more of the peripheral players/animal lovers who as yet don’t even know that rescue networks like ours exist! Very exciting. I’ll be launching the blog in November in advance of Farm Sanctuary trip. There will be no change to the regular newsletter, you will get it as you always do, but it will soon have a hotlink to the blog post for easier and greater social sharing. I may be blogging from FS – but note regular newsletter won’t be individually emailed to the C4P network from December 1st to January 13th… I apologize in advance to all the domestic Canadian pets I won’t be getting to, during this period.


Running of Bulls in Toronto – NOT! Toronto Animal Services (god bless’em)  and the City of Toronto did not support this event for a number of reasons including the safety of the community and the protection of the animals.  As you may be aware, these animals are prohibited pursuant to the City of Toronto by-law, TMC Chapter 349, Animals, and therefore we could not support an application to permit this event.  We heard from many individuals and organizations that support the welfare of animals and their message remained consistent with our philosophy and protection for all animals. Toronto Animal Services wishes to thank all those who took the time and effort to voice their concerns!
The only way we will and CAN ever help factory farmed animals is to make the invisible cruelty, visible. When consumers have the  knowledge and the awareness of the brutality to factory farmed food animals they can Initiate  personal  lifestyle changes and demand politicians change legislation: (thanks Sarah West for sending) http://www.animalsaustralia.org/appeal/make-it-possible/countdown.php
BRILLIANT Retail Pet Sales on the way out in Los Angeles:



On Thursday September 6, 2012, while travelling through Goldstone, ON on our way to Sauble Beach we were in a terrible car accident.Whether Barrett was thrown from the truck or jumped out afterwards, I cannot be sure. The accident occurred around noon at the intersection of Wellington County Road 8 and Sideroad 18. We spent the rest of that day and the following five days out in that area looking for her, delivering flyers to every farm in the area, and talking to everyone we met. The problem we had was that it is such a vast farm district with corn fields and bush and forests everywhere that we had no idea where she was or where to look. We have had a few sightings in the area since and are sure that Barrett is still there. We live in the Niagara Region and the accident happened in Mapleton Township which is a three hour drive from home. Although we get out there at least once or twice a week, it is impossible for us to be out there looking full time and it’s breaking our hearts. Barrett is a two year old brindle Boxer cross. She weighs about 40 pounds and stands approximately 16 inches tall at the shoulders. Barrett is very sweet but extremely timid since she was a rescue dog to begin with. We have no idea what her family life before us was but we are sure it was not good. It has taken us a year to finally have her start to recognize us as mom and dad.  Jameson Schaefer and Erin Forde. We can be reached anytime either at home (905) 834-2044 or on our cell (905) 733-0645  My email address is tudogart@gmail.com

My name is Susan Jewell and I am a volunteer with a dog rescue here in Toronto called Adopt-A-Dog/Save-A-Life and I am requesting your assistance with a foster dog that went missing Monday, October 1, 2012, in the afternoon. .  The exact address where Tippy went missing is 374 Concession 12 East, South BruceTippy is a two-year old beagle mix who has just recently been taken from a puppy mill and is VERY TIMID and fearful.  She will not know her name. Tippy is wearing a collar with a pink bandana along with a tag on her collar that indicatesFOSTER DOG with a telephone number of (416) 255-2531. We are desperately asking for your assistance to ensure the safe return of Tippy. Last sighting at 374 Concession 12 East, South Bruce, ON Contact 657.505.2531 for sightings or info@adoptadogsavealife.com.



Speaking of Dogs Rescue is excited to announce their fall online auction which will be held from FRIDAY OCT. 26th, 9 am to SAT. NOV. 3rd, 8 pm EST. They have over 200 exciting items to bid on, all of them donated by their generous supporters. For example, there’s a brand new ladies gold and diamond bracelet, a plane tour for two over Toronto, framed and unframed art prints (including a Robert Bateman), two tickets to the final performance of Over the Rainbow, gift certificates and much more. The rescue must actively fundraise to continue their tireless efforts in helping the many dogs who come to need them. The online auctions have become one of their largest fundraisers. Last year the rescue found forever homes for 125 displaced and abandoned dogs; many of which were seniors and/or had special needs. To date this year, the rescue has already taken in over 130 needy dogs and given them a second chance and love and life. All funds raised go directly to veterinary costs, grooming, supplies and care. Once the auction starts, visit www.speakingofdogs.com where you’ll find a link to browse the auction and place your bid!

The 2013 Speaking of Dogs Rescue Calendar is going to the printer next week! Everyone who submitted a picture of their dog(s) will be included!  Before we can set an exact price on the calendar we’ll need to get a ballpark idea of how many we are going to order.  We’re hoping the price will be about $12.00 per calendar this year with the more your order the lower the price goes (much like last year) .  It will help us to know who is planning to order calendars, so if you could please shoot an email to Lorraine@speakingofdogs.com and let me know how many calendars you are going to order that would be greatly appreciated!  We are thankful to Rose and Kathy for all their efforts creating a work of canine beauty on this 2013 calendar; it looks absolutely stunning!  We also thank all the businesses who bought ad space to help offset the costs involved in producing this work of arf!



Why come up with a real solution when you can fabricate one and score political points?
C4P SPECIAL NEEDS PETSITTING: this service is designed for geriatrics and animals with special a/o medical needs. Please contact us if you are an animal caregiver who needs peace of mind leaving a fragile, handicapped or otherwise compromised pet for a few days. We’re comfortable with geriatrics, palliatives, blind, deaf, special diets, medical needs. Fully enclosed back yard, ground floor access and lots of love and attention to share!  Mitch & Stella Nadon C4P Animal Rescue 905.726.2011. Aurora, Ontario. 


I just want to say a “Huge thank you to all that helped with trying to find Sweet Simon a home!” Last week I decided to pay for an Ad in the Oakville, Burlington and Flamborouugh Post for Simon. long story short, I got a call Wednesday night from a sweet lady named Debra and knew at the moment we started talking that in my heart she was the perfect match for Simon!  Last night I picked him up at Julies and took him for another adventure to Burlington, ON.  Simon gave me and Debra kisses and started purring he hung out with us and checked out most of the house.  Little Angel seems to really love Simon she was doing everything to try to be his friend….anyways it’s such a happy ending… he’s one lucky boy! Melanie McCully

I thank every last one of you, from coast to coast to coast, for championing animals the way that you do.
The tides are turning.  m.