RIP: Burial for massacred BC Sled Dogs is Nov 2nd in Penticton – Fawcett sentencing expected in November: 
So glad The Star is staying on Marineland topic..pls reward these writers with positive feedback, and share/encourage friends/family  to support small, local sanctuaries instead:
And now, sadly, this outrage:

Attention all senior dog lovers: Bobbie Glazier from Mature Dogs has recently moved to the States. So the “613” area, and all seniors on Petfinder, will be missing her expert, daily vigilence. Readers, please note C4P especially welcomes seniors/special needs/rehab cases. Keep your eyes out for any seniors, esp in 613 area shelter/pound system, and advise C4P if you see one who’s a “long-stay”. If we’re alerted, we’ll follow up with the shelter/pound concerned and try to orchestrate maximum adoption exposure for the pet concerned.

Here’s ONE (of a convervative 200) puppy-mills in Ontario that’s actually being investigated… progress?  Readers, please take the time to write the reporter and encourage ongoing reporting.  Everyone else, keep your heads up and eyes open:  Puppy Mills are EVERYWHERE in Ontario.  Call Crimestoppers immediately.  Last week, Westie Rescue called in – they’ve worked on 102 dogs (Go, Corrie & team, GO!) so far this year, and guess what? Not one, not ONE, came from a registered breeder.  And that’s just Westies…

Everyone pls remember that recently adopted dogs (and some cats) are at highest risk for bolt when they a) transfer to their new homes, or b) in first few weeks of acclimatization to new environments/neighbourhoods. PLEASE remember this for yourselves, and also friends/family. Remember to alert new adoptive families to the potential for this.  Scroll down to bottom for word.doc on how to prevent a bolt (thanks Dora Sesler for compiling) or click on (and send to friends): http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/m-michelle-nadon/pet-safety-tips_b_1952228.html

Sweet Wilbur:  Found in an abandoned crate in the bush, Wilbur has survived the closing of an animal shelter and 11 mos of shelter / kennel life with a calm, and undemanding disposition. Hound breed, neutered male , 20″ at shoulder and sturdy in build, and between 5 and 9 years of age, Wilbur seems to have led his previous life as a family pet rather than a hunter. He loves his daily walks and can loose leash walk with excellent manners. Wilbur is friendly with children of all ages and most other dogs from puppies with needle teeth to a Great Dane, and seems ambivalent toward cats. He loves a good belly or back scratch, his obedience practice, and enjoys the challenge of my obstacle / agility course. While not a dog that is interested in fetch play – he is a great buddy for all weather hikes. Looking for a forever home – with other dogs is a plus, urban or rural doesn’t matter, medium energy family. Contact: kevin lockau <campk97@gmail.com> phone 613-332-3359 or Home Again ‘s 613-332 5253

Andy – Ten-year-old. Standard Dachsund. Smooth coat. N/M. Came in at the beginning of August as a stray. No owner came to claim him. We are not sure why he is still at the shelter since he is super friendly and still full of energy. Perhaps the deterrent is that he is now a true toothless wonder due to his recent dentistry where he lost the rest of his teeth. Gets along well with other dogs, children and cats. 705-458-9038. Luke and Logan – Two-year-old. Flat Coated Retrievers. N/M. AKA The Wonder Twins. Probably siblings. Arrived at our shelter in March as strays. They did find a home in June but unfortunately, the neighbor was shooting at them. They were returned to keep them safe. These dogs are very friendly and are very interested in pleasing their people. They love dogs and people. Must go together as they do everything together (eat, sleep, walk, play, cuddle) and are extremely bonded.  Thank you, Emily Day Secretary and Dog Coordinator Alliston & District Humane Society 705 321 2378 (c) 705-458-9038 (shelter)
How could you not love this little dude Andy?
Luke & Logan together
The St. Thomas City Pound is a small pound, serving 5 Municipalities. All Breed Canine Rescue is the sole canine rescue organization in the area, and we need help with finding homes for the pound dogs and cats, as well as raising money for the mounting vet bills. This pound does not provide any vet care for the animals (other than intermittent flea control). Without All Breed Canine Rescue, these dogs would be euthanized due to cage capacity or health and mild behavioural issues. To find out more about All Breed Canine Rescue, visit our website at www.allbreedcaninerescue.petfinder.com Sweetie Pie Ellie is a two year old sweet natured black lab mix. She is high energy, anxious, and a little over-reactive with other dogs. She has been in the City pound for weeks, and we are having trouble finding her a foster home because of her over-reactive behaviour with other dogs (although she once was in a home with another dog, so she is not dog aggressive). She is not spayed, but has been heartworm tested and vaccinated. Ellie would be a fabulous dog for an active person or family where she is given training and guidance, consistency, and daily constructive activity.  To help Ellie, contact the St. Thomas pound at 519-631-7430 www.cityanimalservices.ca

2nd Annual Animals Beyond Borders dinner and fundraiser! Proceeds in Support of: Animals Asia Foundation – Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D.)

No Balls at All!   Sunday October 21st, 7PM Comedy & Music Night – Whisky John’s Bar & Grill, Oshawa ON  featuring two hilarious Yuk Yuk’s comedians Lawrence Morgenstern and Tony Krolo and some great live music! Proceeds in support of a spay neuter clinic for Durham region which is much needed.   We also have a raffle for a beautiful flat screen TV and some other great prizes! Tickets are just $10 and available at the door!  Please bring a friend and support this very worthwhile cause!!! http://www.spayneutertoday.com/events.html
Join Leo DiCaprio (my hero) and save our oceans and all the animals that depend on them (thanks Ellen Moore for sending):
Fettucini anyone? 


Young man brings awareness to uniqueness, sentience & bonding capacity of all animals: 
This is intelligent compassion in action:

The thousands of black bears held captive in Asia’s bile-farming industry will finally be released (merci Marie Koche for sending)
Duke credited with alerting parents to baby distress (thanks Nancy Brouillard for sending):
Toronto Animal Services doing FINE work!
Coco: Sadly, we heard from Leslie yesterday that Coconut, the beautiful, last minute rescue from Huntsville, passed away the 19th of October, after only 2.5 months of safety, love and care.  Coconut sadly, didn’t have the time she needed to fully recover from the trauma of her life and the lifestyles imposed upon her. But, she did get the home of her dreams for her last days, where she knew she was safe, and was surrounded by love, sweet love.  RIP girl. Leslie, I don’t know why you were chosen for this particular dog, but everyone on her rescue team thanks you from the bottom of our very sad hearts. The photo taken below, within days of joining the Cockwell family, shows Coco was clearly already in heaven.
For Coconut, and all the last minute pulls from pounds/shelters to safety … m.