Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:

Readers, it astounds me each week the degree of panic that people bring to the table when they are dealing with an animal in need. Now, I understand panic, having lived most of my life various states of anxiety – however,  I want you all to consider that there’s no reason to panic when saving animals. The trick is to just get the animal to safety. After that, there are a million things you can do to rehome, rehab, etc. Even special needs ones – hard luck cases like Miller below, there are always next steps, others who will help, and a new day ahead. Please don’t be discouraged, frightened or paralyzed dealing with the animal in front of you. Get the animal to safety, and understand that each rescue is a process. Every time I take on a new one, like Maryanycat, I wonder oh god, I can’t take another one on permanently… but I roll up my sleeves, ask god and everyone else for help, and with a little time and faith (and lots of hard work) the help appears and the animal goes to his/her forever home. So just get the animal to safety, and then reach out to the rescue community. We’re all right here…you will get the help you need…


Famed dolphin crusader Ric O’Barry at Marineland closing TODAY 12-2PM!



On Thursday September 6, 2012, while travelling through Goldstone, ON on our way to Sauble Beach we were in a terrible car accident. Our truck and RV trailer were totalled and in the confusion of everything, I didn’t notice that one of the truck windows was smashed. Whether Barrett was thrown from the truck or jumped out afterwards, I cannot be sure. The accident occurred around noon at the intersection of Wellington County Road 8 and Sideroad 18. We spent the rest of that day and the following five days out in that area looking for her, delivering flyers to every farm in the area, and talking to everyone we met. The problem we had was that it is such a vast farm district with corn fields and bush and forests everywhere that we had no idea where she was or where to look. We have had a few sightings in the area since and are sure that Barrett is still there. We live in the Niagara Region and the accident happened in Mapleton Township which is a three hour drive from home. Although we get out there at least once or twice a week, it is impossible for us to be out there looking full time and it’s breaking our hearts. It has been a month now and my wife Erin and I are beyond desperate. Our other three dogs were not injured in the accident and stayed in the truck. Dickens, my male dog, is best friends with Barrett. It’s as though they are soul mates and he misses her very much. Barrett is a two year old brindle Boxer cross. She weighs about 40 pounds and stands approximately 16 inches tall at the shoulders. Barrett is very sweet but extremely timid since she was a rescue dog to begin with. We have no idea what her family life before us was but we are sure it was not good. It has taken us a year to finally have her start to recognize us as mom and dad.  Jameson Schaefer and Erin Forde. We can be reached anytime either at home (905) 834-2044 or on our cell (905) 733-0645  My email address is tudogart@gmail.com


Dezi – female tabby & white spayed with 3 legs. only 1 front leg. Missing since Sept 1st from Feversham, ON. Grey rd 2 & 12th con B She is very friendly – might have been picked up or snuck into an open window in someone’s car. Contact Tamara Smith 705 606 0606 or tamara.takincareofbusiness@gmail.com if any info. We miss her dearly.



DEAR LITTLE TIPPY IS ON THE RUN – Approach with care! Two year old blond beagle mix,  wearing a collar with a pink bandana and foster dog tag. Recently rescued from a puppy mill, so she is very timid and fearful. Last sighting at 374 Concession 12 East, South Bruce, ON Contact 657.505.2531 for sightings or info@adoptadogsavealife.com.




Spay Neuter Initiatives is having a fundraiser – “No Balls At All” — a comedy and music evening. Sunday, October 21st,  2012 At Whisky John’s Bar and Grill 843 King Street, West Oshawa, ON L1J 2L4 7:00 p.m. to about 11:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door. All proceeds towards a high volume spay/neuter clinic in Durham Region. Hope to see you all there.  It should be a fun evening. Linda Power 905-579-7198


Meet Walter the family crow – reporter is 100% right – Crows do enjoy/are capable of “facial recognition” in humans… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/01/rescued-crow-walter-_n_1929598.html More interspecies love: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/10/05/watch-owl-pets-a-dog/
No surprises here: dog runs and finds owner in hospital:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/05/dog-zander-finds-owner-two-miles-john-dolan-hospital-_n_1943783.html
Fly with eagles – (thanks Norman Taylor & Virginia Thomson for sending):http://www.youtube.com/v/pd5BMP_41bI%26rel=0%26hl=en_US%26feature=player_embedded%26version=3

Pet Cemetery in southern Ontario still seeking new owners.  I am posting this again as they have not yet found the compassionate and solvent people to take over this great place. A great business and living opportunity for a couple with some business background and a desire to live in the country and not far from the city. Contact info: Myrna or Lloyd: (519) 866-3243 

RIP CLOE: The little rescue who passed away from eating tainted treats. Our hearts go out to Vanderkar family for their ordeal and their very sad loss. Hotlink to online program on CBC marketplace: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2012/09/fighting-for-fido.html

Hi everyone:
I was so thrilled to hear the news when I got home today that I just had to share it with you all! I got word from the HS that
 was officially adopted on Saturday! The couple that came to meet him on Friday absolutely love him and he now lives on a farm! It took some time, but he finally found his new home. It’s just a wonderful thing to see given he came in as a stray and then we found out “who” he really was and that his previous owner had passed away and the spouse didn’t want Toby anymore. Just goes to show good things can still happen!  T

hank you all  for sticking with me and trying to help find Toby either a permanent home or a rescue who had space for him and for cross-posting Toby.   Karen (assuming Piercey) (Ed note: the system works!)

FYI – Cesar Millan just donated $2,500 to SOAR to help us get Riley’s eyes done!!!  WOOT!! Yours in Rescue,  Southern Ontario Animal Rescue

It’s Thanksgiving – have a laugh! (thanks Joan Znidarec for sending)

2012-1991=21. This Thanksgiving, I am happy to say that I have not eaten a turkey in 21 years. Amen. And more than anything in my entire life, I’m most grateful to my rescue peers. Without you all, I’d have folded my cards a long time ago.  Happy thanksgiving – pls take a few minutes to post the lost pets. It’s getting very cold out there.  m.