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Readers note, next Sunday, November 25th, is our last C4P newsletter until the new year.  Please watch the Huffington Post Canada IMPACT Section for my blog posts from Farm Sanctuary http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/ – just search my name and you’ll see the posts – gone Nov. 29th to Jan.8th or so.


The Marineland nightmare goes on, with Madeline Meilleur most recently saying they’ll introduce legislation in the spring: 


As of Sunday, November 11, 2012:   After having no gas for a week we finally waited on line three times in one day to fill up all our vehicles and yesterday, headed out to Far Rockaway with enough prepared hot food for about 100 people and, thanks to the ASPCA, food for about 100 of man’s best friends.  What we saw was not surprising. No dogs and cats running in the streets as was the case for months after Hurricane Katrina’s hit in Louisiana. However, there are people and animals in need of food for themselves and their best friends. Stores are closed for the most part but amazingly there are some who are open, though they have no electricity. Thankfully, the police and national guard did not threaten to shoot people’s pets if they did not abandon them and leave, which is what the politics of Louisiana permitted. In Louisiana, in the low income area of St Bernard Parish, police even assured folks that their pets would be taken care of if left behind and they shot dozens of dogs and cats forcibly left behind (at St. Bernard Parish High School). Consequently, people for the most part did not leave their pets behind in NYC, whereas in Louisiana many people, especially low income folks, were forced to leave their pets behind by  despicable police officers. I even had to drive two hours into St. Bernard Parish to rescue the dog of a police officer who had gone AWOL. Poor dog had gone without food or water for two weeks in 120 degree heat by the time I got to him. We thank our staff who volunteered their day.Garo <garo@companionanimalnetworktv.org> (Ed note: congratulations to Garo & Team  – always such excellent work)


Expect to see more instances of this as the racing industry buckles:



Micropigs being sold on Kijiji for Christmas, for hundreds of dollars. Folks, please keep your eyes out, and politely confront this issue in any way that you can.



Thanks to everyone who responded re: cruelty charges in Canada post from a couple of weeks ago. While it is good that a (very) small handful of cases charges have been laid, I was really hoping we’d see MANY more instances of charges being laid. … Oh, Canada :(  ….