Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:
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The beginning of the end of  “the blood money contracts between puppy mill owners who abuse animals and L.A. pet retailers.”
Too bad this is happening in a zoo setting, but precedent setting … Elephant Koshik imitates speech with his trainer: 

(thanks to the animal rescue network) …For once I don’t feel so tiny in this big world trying to help animals.
I lost my dog a few weeks ago and wa wondering if you could post a picture on you newletter?  I’ve handed out flyers and called local vets, animal control, dog walkers.  Stll no response yet.  I am heart broken and just want her to come home safe and sound. Her name is Jodi. She is a 7 year spade female Parson Russell Terrier. Josi is about 15lbs. She all white with two light tan ears and a really faded tan patch over her left eye.  Unfortunately she is not wearing any tags and her microship is not registered. She went missing in Cookstown, ON in the area of 5 sideroad and hwy 89.  There is a reward for anyone who finds her. I am desperate to get her home. Jodi went missing on October 15. If you have any suggestions as to what else I can do I am open to trying anything. ThanksStephanie Beatty
905-251-7112 Stephanie Beatty <slbeatty5@gmail.com> (Ed note: owner has been sent the C4P Amber Alert and HHP has been advised)
Sweet Wilbur is looking for a forever family to call his own:  Found in an abandoned crate in the bush, Wilbur has survived the closing of an animal shelter and 11 mos of shelter / kennel life with a calm, and undemanding disposition. Hound breed, neutered male , 20″ at shoulder and sturdy in build, and between 5 and 9 years of age, Wilbur seems to have led his previous life as a family pet rather than a hunter. He loves his daily walks and can loose leash walk with excellent manners. Wilbur is friendly with children of all ages and most other dogs from puppies with needle teeth to a Great Dane, and seems ambivalent toward cats. He loves a good belly or back scratch, his obedience practice, and enjoys the challenge of my obstacle / agility course. While not a dog that is interested in fetch play – he is a great buddy for all weather hikes. Looking for a forever home – with other dogs is a plus, urban or rural doesn’t matter, medium energy family. Contact: kevin lockau <campk97@gmail.com> phone 613-332-3359 or Home Again ‘s 613-332 5253
Hi, just wanted to spread the word on “Talia”,  a Husky in need. She is being boarded in Lucknow, Ontario, (near Kincardine). She has been in the kennel for over a month, the rescue cannot find any suitable fosters for her. She has been taken and returned by fosters that could not cope with her high energy with their own dogs. Without another dog in the house, she is calm and pretty much perfect. Housetrained, gentle, happy, very good dog. She is very happy to be with other dogs, but will play without end, which can be too hectic for some. This is what her petfinder ad should say…but so far has not been changed. This girl is very sweet natured, well adjusted and affectionate. She is a young, highly energetic dog who really needs room to run, but in a controlled environment, (not ever let loose). Rides well in a car. Perfectly house trained. Nice manners. Non destructive, likes toys. In a home without dogs, she is quite calm, with dogs she is a wrestler, but very careful not to hurt another while playing. She loves other dogs and can play/wrestle endlessly. She would be an excellent working dog, fit, strong, and just wants to GO!! Very gentle with people. High prey drive, no small animals. Someone who loves outdoor activities such as running or sled activities would be a good match for Talia. Very nice, sweet dog. Needs a well contained fenced in play/exercise area. Healthy with a beautiful coat. Petite build. She really needs a foster who understands how energetic young Huskies can be, but meanwhile she sits in a kennel 24/7: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24186985  petrescue@hurontel.on.ca or call 519-528-3045 after 6 p.m. if you can offer any help – thank you! www.adoptapet.lucknow.on.ca
Mickey’s Story… This sweet inquisitive boy was rescued from a high volume shelter in Hamilton.  This poor guy was likely dumped because of his age and special needs. He has been through a lot and recently his foster family discovered he has some kidney damage. He is now on a low protein diet and he gets subcutaneous fluids twice a week. With this care, his kidneys are doing fine. Getting fluids isn’t his favorite thing but he has adjusted to his new lifestyle like a champ, and these changes will ensure he lives a long and happy life in his new forever home.  Mickey loves to crawl under the blankets and sleep when you are not around!  He has a cute distinctive face with a white stripe on his nose and green eyes.  He has a beautiful grey coat with a snow-white belly, bib, and mittens. Mickey likes attention and likes to be around people, but isn’t cuddly. . He is declawed and microchipped and up-to-date on his shots. Mickey loves to play, and will try his best to protect your home from a lasers. He also enjoys sleeping at the foot of her foster parents’ bed and isn’t upset at all when he occasionally gets kicked by accident.  He needs to find a home with a kind owner who can give him the emotional and medical attention he needs and deserves. Mickey is a real sweetie and he’s looking for a forever home.  Contact: Toronto Cat Rescue for more information at 416-538-8592 or tcr.adoptions@gmail.com
Huge Animal Fundraising Bazaar for Action Volunteers for Animals Saturday November 10, 9-5 at the Etobicoke Olympium, 590 Rathburn Rd (Renforth and Rathburn) Boutique and Jewelry, Silent Auction, Home Baking, Snack Bar, Animal Table, Books and Entertainment, Tamboulie Game, Toy and Game Tables, Christmas Tables and White Elephant. All items are new or gently used. Free Admission with hourly door prizes For more info contact 416-439-8779 or www.actionvolunteersforanimals.com Denielle Duncan Action Volunteers for Animals (AVA)
Please help the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals CCFA with their campaign to ban sow stalls:
Want to add 8 more years to your life?
Afghan Dog “Bolt” doesn’t take no for an answer (smart dog!):
Must-see TV: The Elephant in the Room – Fifth Estate November 9th, 9PM (thanks Norman Taylor for sending):
Whistler Dogs Remembered (thanks Bonnie Dawson for sending):
To my knowledge, this is the FIRST time anyone has actually been sent to jail for animal cruelty in Canada. (Can anyone dispute that?). I assume that this person was prosecuted under federal law. There is at least one other case in Ontario (an oft-repeat puppymiller) who was sentenced years ago but never served jail time. Of course, in the U.S. MANY people have been sentenced to jail terms; In a case like this, the sentence would have been harsher. But this is a good step, in any case. (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for sending)
Had to share Halloween cats (thanks Jules Kaiss for sending):
What I would like to say is that Snuffles and I are so very proud to know each one of you and we are very thankful to all of you who have sent your love, prayers, support and donations towards her care.  She is doing much better and I am hoping to post some pictures next week to all of you so that you can see the improvement in  her skin.  Her ears and skin are really doing much better and she will have one of her eye surgeries in the near future. Many thanks to you all for all you do to help the dogs. Blessings and Peace, Lisa Taylor,  Max’s Dog Sanctuary for Abused, Disabled and Medically Challenged Dogs
RIP Heckman: for those of you who saw the lost dog alert this week in Toronto (and alerted C4P right away – thanks for that!), Heckman sadly, was found to be struck and killed by a car. Poor old boy. SOB of a way to end a life. Our hearts go out to him and his family.
Little Mary: well, home check is done – new mom and dad Sarah and Dustin absolutely love her – she has tons of toys, love, hideouts – and two budgie birds to chirp at her, when she’s on the window ledge (don’t worry, birds are perfectly safe and happy) And so is Mary. She’ll be the queen of the family for the next 20 yrs or so. Amen. She’s celebrating her first birthday this week.
We encourage our American C4P readers to ensure they get out to vote. We’re ALL desperate for a compassionate, fair, and sane world.