Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:

Unbelievable advocacy this week – from Marineland protesters, to renewed puppy mill activism… new committees and rescues springing up looking to work with shelters and pounds… advocates banding together over lost pets, dumped pets, ill pets, rescuers in need, mentoring newer rescuers – not to mention efforts made to support sea shepherd(s), innovations and walks for farm animals … absolutely everywhere, people are working to better the lives of animals. Well done everyone. Hold steady. Pick an issue, get involved and back it. You are not alone. Anyone wanting to join a committee or particular group, but don’t know where to start, contact C4P.


We heard from activists at all levels: people taking on their regressive local shelters and city councils, but also people battling the large national organizations – Nathan Winnograd – If the leadership at these organizations were to publicly acknowledge the success of No Kill, it would immediately create an expectation that they would champion it. That would require sincerity, dedication, and hard work. (…and…) worse. What’s really threatening is that they’d have to acknowledge that their friends and colleagues — the ones currently running shelters — are not meeting these standards. Or that they themselves failed to do so when they ran shelters. Nobody wants to admit that they’ve (needlessly) killed animals:


Max’s Dog Sanctuary for Abused, Disabled and Medically Challenged Dogs (Ed Note: check out their facebook page – they need help w/medical bills)

Phoenix is a two year old White-Capped Pionus Parrot (a mid sized breed most distinguishable by the red feathers on the underside of their short, square tails) who escaped from our St. Clair Ave. West and Winona Dr. home after following a family member out the door on the evening of July 22.  Her main colourings are green, blue and white.  She has a distinctive, hooked, yellow parrot beak. She is a tame bird with a preference for males, and in particular has bonded with her 11 year old owner who is devastated by her disappearance.  If comfortable, she may land on someone’s head or shoulder who fits his description (though this would be highly unlikely, note that it would be a sign of affection and not cause for concern and we would BEG you to walk calmly indoors with her and contact us). Phoenix was most recently spotted in the Alcina Ave and Bathurst St neighbourhood and attempts are being made to lure her to a safe place in that community.  Provided she has been able to avoid predatory birds, the warm summer weather and likelihood that she has been able to find food has meant there is a good chance she is still out there.  However, being a tropical bird, it is of utmost importance we get her back indoors as temperatures begin to drop. ANY information on her whereabouts including sightings, or ‘hearings’ (she has a very distinctive parrot screech) are greatly appreciated and can be directed to Joanna Jorgensen at (416) 651-0583 / (416) 951-3536joannajorgensen@hotmail.com.  A twitter account (it seemed appropriate) has been set up to keep interested parties apprised of our progress with the search @PhoenixFlyHome


Blessing of the Animals – Sat’dy Sept. 29th 11:00 AM Cathedral Church of St. James. King & Church (Toronto) 416.364.7865 www.stjamescathedral.on.ca (thanks Dianne Aldan for sending)

This is just a brief note to let you know about our annual Paws to Love fund raiser at Thistledown on September 23rd. This year’s event is in support of the New Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter Building Fund. At 11:00 am there will be a spiritual Celebration of the Animals led by Raven. Raven is of First Nations heritage and, as she did during last year’s Celebration, will incorporate First Nations’ traditions and teachings into her message. The Celebration will honour those pets currently in our lives in addition to those we have lost in the past.  In addition to the Celebration there will also be presentations on pet-related topics by guest speakers. We have also arranged to have displays by over 30 pet rescues, community service organizations, and pet services and pet supplies businesses.  Admission to the event will be by donation to the New Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter Building Fund. We hope you and you pet(s) will be able to attend. If you know any other pet owners who you believe might be interested in attending the event we would ask that you pass the attached information on to them. If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact: Colin & Nancy
Thistledown Pet Memorial events@thistledown.info

2nd Annual Living with Wildlife Conference, Toronto. Sept 28.  Across Canada, municipalities are reporting an increase in the number of interactions between humans and wildlife. These interactions can present a public health and safety concern and conflicts can result in the death or suffering of wildlife. In particular, animals such as coyotes, beavers and raccoons are often perceived to be a nuisance or pest.  To address this problem, our 2nd Annual Living With Wildlife conference is happening on Friday, September 28 in Toronto, and will bring together experts in their field to discuss a wide variety of solutions of how we can co-exist with urban wildlife.  Who is this conference for? This conference is ideal for government officials including provincial, regional and municipal staff, as well as First Nations, farmers, wildlife rehabilitation groups, animal control, academics, activists and individual citizens who want to make a difference in their community by preserving their natural environment.  Space is limited. Register today! http://www.furbearerdefenders.com/lww-2012   Lesley Fox Executive Director The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals 215-3989 Henning Dr. Burnaby, BC V5C 6P8 Tel:  604-435-1850 Cell: 778-892-5369 www.furbearerdefenders.com  www.facebook.com/furfree
Annual Goldie PicNic – September 23, 2012, 11:00 AM

Marineland protestors are making a difference – despite some difficulties, the message is getting through and education is the order of the day:


Have you seen the one with the guy whose cat is angry over his recent medication? So guardian builds his cat Rufus a fort, to make him happierBrilliant.

Sheep thrills in Toronto (Ed note: HuffPo creates these headlines, btw, not I…)


Re: 8 cats: three girls are being fixed on sat an then one lady is going to take them, the other two are going to ths an the last girl rescue is taking her. all saved. thanks for all your help. cara
For every last one of them, m.


Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:


Advocacy opportunity re: Marineland: Please everyone, write letters of COMPLAINT to NAZA and OSPCA (as opposed to only “concerned inquiries”)
More evidence of pounds & municipalities working together to find new solutions for city animals: Kingston Humane Society and City of Kingston reach a (one-year ) deal over local pound. The city is working hard to solve a critical problem – kudos to the city government and citizen stakeholders for the good they’re doing.


Unconditional love is as close as your nearest animal shelter.
*No need to EUTHANIZE if we STERILIZE / Pas besoin d’EUTHANASIER si nous STÉRILISONS*


For years, Nicole Joncas has saved all kinds of animals from slaughter, puppy mills and so many other abusive situations.  She has rescued all sorts of animals from bulls to feathers and has provided them with a forever home at her Refuge. Today Nicole is struggling.  She has little food for herself, no access to her web site and her 150-year-old home
 is in need of dire repair. If anyone is a contactor and can volunteer his/her services, that would be a real blessing.  She desperately needs our support.  For more information and ways you can help, please read http://www.montrealdogblog.com/14561/nicole-joncas/
Teja’s Animal Refuge, 21511 McCormick, Glen Robertson ON K0B 1H0
tejasanimalrefuge@sympatico.ca  Tel: 1-613-874-1291


The 5th Annual Walk & Doggy Reunion Fundraiser in support of Tails from Greece Rescue will be held on Sunday, September 23, 2012 on The Boardwalk, The Beach in Toronto (at the foot of Kippendavie, just east of Queen Street East & Woodbine Avenue).  On-site registration begins at noon, with the walk from 1pm to 3pm and games and a buffet follow, with prizes awarded to the top 3 fundraisers. Start collecting pledges from family, neighbours and co-workers!  Donation receipts for income tax purposes will be issued for donations of $10 or more.  Request our flyer and a pledge sheet by emailingdiannealdan@sympatico.ca or, if you’re unable to attend, please consider making a pledge online at www.CanadaHelps.org.  Thank you for your support and we hope to see you there!  Dianne Aldan, Founder/President – www.tailsfromgreecerescue.com.

Please vote for C4P / Helping Homeless Pets and help us win the Scotiabank Gamechangers competition. Proceeds to SPAY/NEUTER.

Melissa wrote: “I voted 3 times today with my different email accounts.. Glad to know I can everyday! Fingers toes and paws crossed that you win!”


Apes using apps: 

Bear on the run in Ohio: what’s nice, is the policeman doesn’t appear to reach for his gun at any point. just makes people move away and lets bear run:

Maria & Dominic – a goose and her man (thanks Norman Taylor for sending):

Global TV cancels hunting shows (thanks Norman Taylor for sending) – folks call/write Global and praise them/respond to hunter comments: 


Sue found Charlie yesterday in an industrial yard at 200 Horner beside the jail. Charlie has a clean bill of health from the vet other than being slightly dehydrated, constipated, matted and dirty. He is drinking lots of water, eating soft food 3-4 times per day, getting lots of rest and is being very patient while I clean him up. Thanks for keeping me going and not letting me give up! (Ed note: thanks god & girls for not giving up)
RIP Little Marley: Sweet little Marley came into  Bow Wow Rescue from a puppy mill in the early spring. She was doing so well I had asked Brenda from Loyal Rescue  if she could find a foster home for Marley. Marley was doing so well and enjoyed life.  Sadly we found out she had cancer, the foster parent kept her comfortable for as long as they could. Marley passed away on Monday Sept 3rd . RIP Marley, thanks to Brenda and her foster home for doing all they could for her.
…we’ve got SO many animals that need homes…every one’s suffering fatigue, I know … but please push these animals in need out as much as possible, and folks, for every sign up we get on this newsletter, we get a chance at reaching 1/2 dozen or dozen of every single sign up’s friends. That’s a lot of new eyeballs (and new energy for our network) – please encourage any and all to sign up for newsletter. We really need to reach as wide an audience as possible. The homes are out there (33 million of them in Canada)let’s really reach out to them with our animal issues.
Best to all, m.


Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:


Bikers & Bullies – today, Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto 11:00 AM – see you there!
What’s this? Again? 


Saying thank you! –  I opened my front door this morning, and believe it or not, someone, overnight, dropped a small St. Francis of Assisi statue on my front doorstep. So just sending a giant thank you to the universe… I have no idea who did that, but super super sweet gesture….



Charlie:  August 25, 2012 Breed: Maltese/Bichon Frise 3 year(s) Male   12 lbs : Charlie Lost on Judson Street, Etobicoke Nearest main intersection is Islington and Evans in Etobicoke lombardiangela@ymail.com 905-510-6848 We went away for the weekend. The person that babysat him left him in the backyard all day, while he was out and Charlie escaped. Apparently he was seen by a couple of neighbours in the area, however they were unable to catch him. Charlie runs very fast. He can be a bit nervous around men and children. We are devastated and are hoping for his safe return. REWARD = please do not chase, he will run – call him gently by his name.

Contact Name: Angela Phone 1: 905-510-6848 Email: lombardiangela@ymail.com


“We can’t wait to see you at the 10th Annual Wiener-Paw-Looza in support of the Canadian Dachshund Rescue! Please join us on September 22, 2012 at Wildwood Park, Picnic Area B in Mississauga. The event runs from 11am-3pm. There will be wiener races, best costume and trick contests and more! There will also be vendors and hot dogs on the grill all day long! For more information please go to our website at www.wienerdogrescue.com or check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canadian-Dachshund-Rescue-Ontario/195658557132372Meaghan Middleton-Firman, Canadian Dachschund Rescue (Ontario)

http://www.wishingwellsanctuary.org/ – upcoming talks as follows …
 If you have carpooling space for others or if you need a ride leave a message on our facebook page at
http://www.facebook.com/#!/WishingWellSanctuary and go to the events tab, lets be mindful of our planet.
September 30th 2012 Jo-Anne McArthur of WE ANIMALS
An amazing photographer, writer and animal advocate. You will be amazed at her photo’s of animals taken around the world over the past 10 years and also hear about her undercover work. Incredible work. (Ed note: I’m her biggest fan – can’t wait to see/hear her)

Toronto Westie Walk and Fun Day in support of Westies in Need Rescue!   Come and join us Sunday September 9th, 2012 from 11:00 am-2:00 pm at Mississauga Valley Park (1275 Mississauga Valley Park Blvd) for our MAJOR fundraising event for the year.  We begin with a 15 minute walk around the park, led by our Scottish pipers, followed by Westie games, a BBQ and some great prizes. It is a lot of fun and a great opportunity for Westie owners to get to know each other… a wonderful Westie bash!  Everyone is welcome…even if you don’t have a Westie!  Visit our website at http://www.westiesinneed.com/events_toronto.html to get all the information or to download a pledge sheet. For more info, please call Corrie Yeoman at 905-936-6691 or e-mail Corrie@WestiesinNeed.ca


Please tell people that if they write to CAZA or to OSPCA re: Marineland, be sure to say “THIS IS A COMPLAINT” somewhere on letter, since both organizations have claimed that they never have received complaints.ie., An Open Letter to Bill Peters, Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA): THIS IS A COMPLAINT – address to Bill Peters,National Director,Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Suite 400, 280 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1R7 Canada bpeters@caza.ca


This is indescribably beautiful. Would that every child be given this opportunity and taught this respect and caring (thanks Jules Kaiss for sending):

Thanks everyone! Stella and I are off to enjoy the good weather and the city – for the bullies, m.



Dear Animal Lovers, Animal Advocates, Animal Rescuers:

As we begin a new year, especially one with the potency and potential prophecy of 2012,  it is my firm belief that THIS YEAR, we will reach the tipping point that we need to effect positive change for animals globally.
Our best options remain: government,  media, and ourselves.
If you’re not yet involved in something politically for animals, what are you waiting for?  Consider foregoing one evening at your computer forwarding emails on animals, and join a committee that is actually working towards a municipal, provincial or  god forbid an actual federal initiative for the wellbeing of animals. If you need help finding one, call C4P – we’ll help you find one.
Media:  media – all forms of it – need content on a constant basis.  Local & national radio, local & national print, local and national news.  They need: who, what, where, when, WHY?  if it’s compelling, presented in a structured/balance fashion, and especially if you have documentation and video attached,  they’ll puruse a story.  But it’s got to be new or have a new angle – remember follow ups to stories are good too.
Grassroots – that would be us.  As once stated in a PETA conference I attended (life changing to be sure), they said:  pick one issue and back it.  If you try to be all things to all beings, the impact of your work will suffer.
DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT & GET SUPPORTING VIDEO / STILLS IF YOU CAN – even on regular rescues.  Find someone from the Y generation to help you upload your rescue stories to the web:  Facebook. YouTube. – this is where the people are who are mobile and action-oriented. And they ALL have friends, families, communities of interest (Google+ is going to be massive this year – and it’s coherent too – anyone who welcomes tech, we need to be in Google+ circles…) This is what we need to do if we CAN”T get media stories and laws. We cannot rely on them to do it for us.  So everyone, give this some serious thought.


African Dwarf Frogs (thanks Caroline Lane for sending):  For the last year plus, Mastermind Toys have been selling African Dwarf Frogs This is so disappointing from a company which purports to promote education and awareness of the environment.  Please ask all your readers to write to feedback@mastermindtoys.com or customerservice@mastermindtoys.com to express their views..  There are more details here http://blog.mastermindtoys.com/index.php/post/mastermind_sells_frogs_yes_african_dwarf_frogs1

Not the easiest story, but one I found heartening, nonetheless...(thanks Lawrence Pinsky for sending):

BC Survivalist Cow comes to safety:

$ surplus predicted for City of Toronto – so let’s not let them cut animal dollars, and more important, let’s ask this writer that animal services were omitted from his piece. Not important enough? animals don’t even make the list?  Let’s remind them that animals need to be on that list.
Please “like” on Facebook or send to friends: more people need to know about the actual capabilities of animals:

Ote the Himmie with senior owner in palliative care, is now at new home in Uxbridge.  He is timid, but will get lots of loving when he is ready. Nicole Brown (tx Nicole, fab!)
The following cats were saved from HAC this Christmas season.  Amazing. For those of us whose hands were tied on this one, please accept our intense gratitude for getting these little ones out… SPCA took Talula, Nova, Nellie, Cassy, Braxton, Vixen, Janna, Gia and Mosley.  Kim from PAWS took Shilo, Carson, McKinsey, Blitzen, Jullian, and Kisha too!  SPCA, and Kim at Paws – sincere thanks.
RIP Harley: Jackie Parkin lost her boy dog Harley over Christmas. Sad and unexpected ordeal for Harley and his family. Our thoughts are with you and your dad, Jackie.
Naz is doing well – he’s adjusted to his new home and is feeling comfortable enough to enjoy himself and also give Jackie a hard time.  Jackie Parkin is a SAINT.  He’s got major challenges – and some surprises with his back legs … this week vets will all be back on board – so he’ll be going in for further diagnostics…
Jacques & Buddy Update:  Jacques will be remaining with the Montpetit family. Poor little Buddy’s gonna need a new home. He’s at the OSPCA Newmarket – I’ll post him next weekend when I can get a photo of him.

Thanks for everyone’s very kind words through Christmas about C4P and the newsletter – feedback indicates how strongly we are united in rescue – and what a pleasure and relief it is to have rescue colleagues to turn to!  …..BTW I was reading your C4P Newsletter today and you know what? it was so amazing I felt so proud and lucky to be affiliated with all the (rescue) groups..reading it made me feel that if we work together we can accomplish anything. Thank you for that..I think a lot of the time we forgot the good work we are doing. Roz Gelade, UCR. I’m crossing fingers and toes that the coming year will make this great network even bigger and even more helpful for all animal friends, companions and wannabes for safety, love and forever homes. Barbara Selkirk
Your newsletterpulls together all the individual people each doing their little bit, and gives us a place to share, to alert, to network and to give all our efforts so much more impact. Caroline Lane

Thank you all! Let’s grow this network in 2012 and shoot for our badly needed tipping point where people finally see animals for WHO they are, and double their efforts to protect and respect them.