What’s C4P, and how did it get its start? 

C4P Animal Rescue has its goons, Max, Cyril and our darling Missie — and ultimately Hurricane Katrina — to thank.

Most people know about our first rescue Max. After six years in relentless pursuit of this surrender, Maxie came home to C4P in a palliative state in August 2003. Friends from the local dog park stepped in, offering to organize a fundraising event to help handle his vet bills and raw diet. “A Cause for Paws Toronto” was born – just a little rescue op, needing support to ensure Maxie had a safe place to fall during his final months. After Maxie’s passing, A Cause for Paws began to expand, working on local animals in distress and promoting community advocacy.

By September, 2005, drowning in grief from the loss of my beloved shepherds, Cyril (my BFF) and Missie (a foundling/rescue) I decided to head for New Orleans.  At the time, the effects of Hurricane Katrina were an ongoing assault in Canadian living rooms. Rescuers everywhere were heading south, trying to help the thousands of American animals and pet-owners in distress. I decided to send an email to as many people as I could to raise funds for a trip to the deep south. The response was overwhelming – Canadian advocates and rescuers were wringing their hands, anxious to do something, anything, for the animals. It didn’t take long to round up a healthy mailing list, a van, gas money, supplies, drivers, and we were on our way.

It was an incredible experience, education and opportunity. We met hundreds of Canadian & American rescuers involved in the recovery, rehabilitation and placement of Katrina animals. We stayed at the Best Friends (.org)  compound with 800 cats and dogs, with rescuers and staff rotating by the dozens at St. Francis’ Animal Sanctuary in southern Mississippi. With the help of the late Bonnie Deekon at Cambridge & District Humane Society, we were successful in bringing home an approximate 60 animals over three runs.

It was incredible to find out how hungry the animal-loving community was for information updates, ways to help animals, as well as ways to help each other.  Email updates on the Katrina adoptions/placements eventually transformed into a weekly newsletter with info on animals in need, action alerts and updates on rescues. Today, our network  ~ C4P ANIMAL RESCUE: Canada’s Animal Advocacy Network ~  has over 5,000 animal lovers, animal advocates, animal rescuers and animal activists all working together to better the lives of animals.

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